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What do I need to do after the funeral?

Order The Gravestone Or Engraving

Arrangements for permanent memorialization at the grave are often done long after the funeral. Take time and choose the permanent marker after you have had time to rest.

Send Acknowledgements

You may choose to send thank you cards to the people who helped you through this difficult time. Cards can be sent to people who helped in a special way, travelled far, or contributed flowers or to a charity. Do not feel obligated to send a card to everyone who attended unless you want to. The task of thanking everyone who came can be very daunting and is not expected of you.

Close The Estate

When someone dies there are details of the estate that must be addressed. These may include closing or transferring the estate and checking for benefits that may be due to the that may be due to the estate and beneficiaries.

After Care

Sometimes the loss of a loved one can be especially painful. We understand that the grieving process does not end with the funeral. We are here not only to help arrange the funeral, but to help families cope with the loss of their loved one. There are a wide variety of grief resources available and we will help to point you in the right direction and begin the healing process.

Grief Support

Care & Support For Elderly Survivors

Pre-plan Funeral Arrangements (for elderly survivors)