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Caskets come in two basic varieties: wood or metal construction.  From there the variety available is nearly limitless.  We display a wide assortment of caskets in our showroom and can order hundreds of others for next day delivery.  Many of our caskets can also be customized with personalized corners, engraving or embroidery.  We are pleased to show you all the options available and have a kiosk where you can preview customizations and even take a picture home to show family.

The costs of caskets differ greatly based on the quality of workmanship and the wood species or the composition of the metals used. We carry a competitively priced line with a variety of items for every taste and budget.

At Collins, we work with premier casket and urn companies to provide the best possible selection and prices to our customers.  Our providers personally transport all caskets and provide us with next-day service. They also stand behind their delivery and will provide a replacement casket the same day if any damage occurs during transport.  These guarantees are part of the value of the purchase.  We respect our providers commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality and their commitment to ensuring that nothing goes wrong with the with the casket for your loved one.

Wood Caskets

Wood caskets have always been a popular choice because they have a natural warmth and beauty and because each wood casket is unique. Different finishes such as satin or high-gloss are applied to the wood accenting the natural texture and characteristics of the species. Premium woods would be those such as Mahogany and Cherry. Then woods such as Maple, Pecan and Oak followed by Poplar, Ash and Pine. A great variety of caskets are now being constructed out of poplar. Poplar is a beautiful, clean hardwood which is relatively inexpensive and quickly replenished.

To reduce costs further, some caskets are also available in veneers or "select wood" finishes. Veneers are thin layers of higher quality wood layered over a base of a less expensive wood.

Some religious organizations and environmental groups require the use of wood caskets with no metal parts. We carry a complete line of these as well.

Metal Caskets

Metal caskets are valued for their strength and durability. They may be made from semi-precious metals including Bronze and Copper or from Stainless Steel or Standard (carbon) Steel. The premium metal caskets are constructed from non-corrosive bronze and copper. Stainless steel is made from standard (carbon) steel with chromium and nickel added and is rust-resistant. Steel caskets are ranked in quality according to the thickness (gauge) of the steel, usually 16, 18 and 20 with the smaller number being the thicker gauge.  Bronze and Copper thicknesses are measured in ounces with the higher number being thicker.

At Collins we also accept urns and caskets that the family purchases on their own. In the case of urns, we are happy to transfer the ashes for our customers to the container of your choice free of charge.

We do not charge any handling fees for caskets purchased from somewhere other than our funeral home, however we do ask that all deliveries be made between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. The family must make arrangements for delivery of outside purchases. Please keep in mind that although we will do everything reasonable to facilitate the arrival of caskets purchased elsewhere, much of the process is outside of our control. We ask that, if possible, you provide us with contact information for the outside casket provider and a picture of the model so that we may attempt to contact them if there is a failure to arrive promptly or if the wrong item has been delivered. We will always notify you of any issues as soon as possible.

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