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Death Of A Co-worker

(courtesy NFDA)

Full-time workers often spend as much or more time with their co-workers then they do their friends and family. Therefore, if a person at work dies, you may find that you are struck with a sense of sadness similar to loosing a family member or close friend.

The extent of your grief will depend on your relationship with your co-worker, your age, your sex, your religious beliefs, your previous experience with grief and a number of other factors. However, most people experience several common emotions such as shock, numbness, anger or even guilt.

Since most working people are under age 65, chances are your co-worker's death seemed unfair and untimely. As a result, you may feel vulnerable, frightened and depressed, especially if you are in the same age group as your co-worker.

Even if you were not close to your co-worker's family, attending the funeral can give you a time to say your good-byes and begin the healing process. Your co-worker's grieving family will probably appreciate your presence and your condolences.