Collins Funeral Home Norwalk CT

The First Call

If the death occurs at home, a nurse, doctor or medical examiner will be required to “pronounce” the body so that we may come and bring them to the funeral home. Often the person has a professional caretaker who can legally perform this action. If there is not a medical professional on hand, call 911 and an EMT will come pronounce the body.

If the person dies in a hospital or home for the elderly, please call us immediately and we will coordinate with the administration to remove the deceased person as soon as they have been officially “pronounced” and “released” by the supervising caretaker there.

When you call us, we will ask for:

1. The name of the deceased person

2. The address where they are located

3. The phone number at that location

4. The calling contact's name and number

5. The name and number of the next-of-kin (spouse or closest relative)

During the first call, we will try to set up a tentative time for family to come to the funeral home ant to make final arrangements. If the call comes late at night, as is often the case, we can plan an arrangement meeting for later the next day. In the meantime we will come and bring the deceased to the funeral home. If possible, we will also try on the first call to get some idea of the arrangements you are considering and if anything has been preplanned so that we can prepare as much as possible before you arrive.

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