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This page contains links to funeral resources and contacts. Please click one of the menu items above to go to that section or choose an information topic below.

The section below is intended to be a reference library for anyone seeking more information about funerals. Please check back often as we will continue to add more information over time.

Funeral Reference Library

What To Expect When Someone Dies

When a death occurs, your primary responsibility is to yourself and loved ones. There are a number of things that require attention simultaneously. Regardless of the day or hour, we are always prepared to respond to your needs. If you ever don't know what to do, simply call us and we will walk you through any part of the process.

Please click on the links below to read about what to expect at each stage of the funeral process.
The First Call Arrangement Meeting The Funeral Afterwards

Top 10 Funeral Questions

Cremation Questions

A Consumer's Guide to Funerals pdf

Obituary Instructions

Arrangement Checklist

Funding Options

Arrangement Questions pdf

Funeral Etiquette

Writing Eulogies

Funeral Procession

Children & Funerals

Veteran's Honors

Funeral Receptions

Closing The Estate

Grieving-(see below)


Pre-planning a funeral is a great way to get answers and relieve yourself of the burden of arranging a funeral at the most difficult time. You can pre-plan a funeral for yourself or a loved one. Planning ahead can also lock funeral costs against inflation and even help streamline estate planning.
9 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Funeral Home Pre-need Brochure pdf Living Wills What A Funeral Costs
Selecting Cemetery Property Funeral Trusts Writing A Will Reading The GPL

Grief Resources

If you have recently lost a loved one, you are likely experiencing many difficult emotions. We each grieve in our own individual way. How we handle the loss of a loved one depends on our personal backgrounds, and even on how the person died. You may be struggling to accept the end of a long terminal illness of a dear friend or the sudden death of a family member. The following sections are meant to share some thoughts on the many specific types of grief.
Grief Support (overview) Grief FAQ 10 Myths About Grief Surviving A Spouse
Explaining Death To A Child Death of a Child Death of a Parent Death Due To Suicide
Death From Terminal Illness Death of a Co-worker Helping Yourself Heal

Other Topics

Long Distance Arrangements Green Funerals Social Security Medicaid & Title-19
International Shipping Veteran's Honors Veteran's Benefits Veteran's Honors FAQ

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