Collins Funeral Home Norwalk CT

International Shipping


It is a complicated process to ship un-cremated human remains, especially when the destination is a foreign country.  The funeral director must obtain the required documentation from the primary doctor or medical examiner, the state, state health department, and embassy.

The requirements vary from country to country and sometimes even within different regions of a country. Additionally, governments and airlines impose restrictions on which flights may carry human remains and have their own requirements for documentation and encasement.

We will work to expedite the process to the extent of our abilities, but have little control over the embassies and airlines. It should be expected that it may take a week or more after any services here before the body arrives in a foreign destination. We understand that you may need to plan travel around the arrival and will contact you as soon as we have cleared the embassy and have a flight reservation. We will also work directly with funeral homes in foreign countries to coordinate the receiving of the deceased upon arrival.

Please do not make arrangements for services or burial at the destination until we have contacted you with a confirmed flight schedule.