Collins Funeral Home Norwalk CT

Making Long-Distance Arrangements

There are any number of situations that can put your family in need of making long distance funeral arrangements. Perhaps your mom and dad moved to Florida after retirement, but wish to be buried back here in Connecticut where they lived and worked. Or maybe your brother lives abroad, and is unable to fly back in time for the funeral, but still wants to take part in a later memorial service. As today’s families move further from home, our funeral directors have adopted ways to help you bring your loved one home to their final resting place, or find ways to involve family and friends that cannot travel to the ceremony.

There are 2 kinds of out-of-town arrangements:

  • When the death occurs out-of-town and the services and/or burial (or cremation)

      will take place here, (or)

  • When the death occurs here, and the services and/or burial (or cremation) will

take place out-of-town.

In either of these situations, we can coordinate all of the necessary arrangements. We work easily and frequently with out-of-town funeral homes to take care of everything, making it more convenient for you.

Because we coordinate all the arrangements with the other funeral homes, any expenses involved will not be duplicated. Most of the time, the only additional expenses with out-of-town arrangements are those regarding transportation. There may be charges for the transportation to and from the airport, and the actual airfare. The airfare charges to ship a casket are usually reasonable for anywhere in the continental United States. If the death or burial is in a foreign country, we will handle all the documentation and translations necessary for the foreign consulates as well.

Family members making their own travel arrangements should always request a bereavement fare from airlines, which is usually less expensive. We would be happy to suggest local accommodations for lodging and restaurants.

Whatever the circumstances, we will help in any way we can to make things easier for you and your family.