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Yes, there are basic elements to any funeral.  What makes a funeral special is when it speaks of the individual person and the unique life lived.

Service Personalization

Families are realizing the value of creating a personalized tribute that celebrates their loved one’s life, loves and special moments. There are many meaningful ways to remember someone we love. You can choose options that best reflect your family's beliefs and the life or interests of your loved one.

Including special items of remembrance in a service or wake allow you to celebrate the things that made that person unique. This might involve photos, articles from a personal collection, a well-loved piece of music or even a favorite food. What about a dove or balloon release? From simple to elaborate, the possibilities for sharing special memories are virtually unlimited. We are happy to discuss any ideas with you and will work to arrange and coordinate with any services you choose.

In addition, personalization can be made to the casket or urn itself.  Please ask us about custom corners, embroidery and engraving options.

Pictures, Slide Shows & Displays

Pictures displayed during the visitation help tell the story of a person’s life. We will provide easels and display tables as well as boards for you to create a photo montage. We also have a computerized multimedia screen if you wish to use a slide-show of your digital pictures.  In addition to photos, trophies, uniforms and other personal items can be displayed to celebrate some of the important events of a lifetime.  We offer this as a complimentary service to our customers.

Personalized Register Books

Our register book (guest book) can be personalized with pictures of your loved one. The book includes important information with details in regard to services, cemetery, pallbearers, obituary, and family.  We offer this at no charge to our customers.

Personalized Register Books

At Collins we are pleased to be able to offer personalized, full-color prayer cards.  We print our own cards and can use special prayers or poems and even pictures of your loved one.  We also offer a large selection of pre-printed religious images and nature scenes. We offer this as a complimentary service to our customers.

Special Funeral Procession Routes

Often our funeral processions travel special routes that are requested by family. We honor requests to drive past the family home or work place. We can drive past the meaningful place either with our full funeral cortege, or if more convenient, privately with just the immediate family before forming the full public procession.


For some families music is integral to the funeral rights. Mention bagpipes and most people will associate them with funerals. This association of the bagpipes and funerals stem from what the pipes can do best, powerfully play and touch the deepest emotions where words fail to reach. For hundreds of years the bagpipes have been played at funeral services, commemorating their loss of a loved one with music. The soulful sounds of the bagpipe's ancient scale express convictions and feelings that words alone may fail to convey. If you are reading this article, you may be in need of a bagpiper to help you and your family deal with a very difficult time in your lives. We can help you find and use the services of bagpiper at a funeral.

Honors Ceremonies

There are several military honors and benefits available to veterans—usually free of charge. Please view our information on Veterans Honors for more information.

Also, your loved one may have been a member of a non-military religious, civil or social order that we can call upon for an honor guard. Such groups include Firefighters, Police, Knights of Columbus, Masons and many others.  We are pleased to share our knowledge of these ceremonies and to coordinate with these groups for you.


There are also many meaningful ways to pay ongoing tribute to a friend or family member. Lasting keepsakes such as prayer cards or copies of a poem can be given to guests at a service as a memento to honor a special life and offer comfort. In addition, a special tribute in the form of a donation, an event or a permanent memorial can help create an enduring reminder of the person you loved.

Whether you are planning a service for someone close to you, or are interested in preplanning options, we are here to explore options with you and assist you. We can help create a personal and loving tributes that will celebrate the life lived and serve as inspiration and comfort to those left behind.

Online Memorials

We will set up a complimentary online obituary for your loved one. Our online memorials provide information for guests about the funeral services and also provide a tribute to your loved one. Guests will be able to view information about dates, times and locations of funeral services. They will also find links to order flowers, make donations, and to sign an online guest book through the memorial. The family will have access to the memorial and be able to add photos to create an online photo gallery for their loved one. By providing information to guests about services, our online memorials also help lessen the communication load on the family during this difficult time. Many of the newspapers we publish obituaries with will also submit the obituary to the national listing service on

Personalized Standing Grave Markers

Where earth burial is part of the funeral services, we are pleased to provide a complimentary standing grave marker.  This full color grave marker serves as a temporary memorial until the permanent memorial stone can be obtained.  Following the services, it is placed at the grave in the cemetery so that you may easily find the grave when you come to visit.

Charitable Donations

Often people feel helpless when someone they care about passes.  They want to help honor the person but don’t know how.  One way is to contribute in their name to an institution that helps make the world a better place.  Charities can be thought of in three broad categories:

  • Institutions that helped your loved one
  • Institutions that your loved one supported
  • Institutions that you yourself feel strongly about

Memorial & Anniversary Services

Another way to help keep the memory of your loved one alive is to gather to mark significant dates in their life.  This is most often done at the one year anniversary of their death, sometimes referred to as the yahrzeit, but can also be done at a one month anniversary, a birthday or other important date.