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Planning Ahead

Pre-planning your funeral is a caring and thoughtful decision that helps your family at the time of your death. It relieves your family from stress, indecision, and uncertainty, and it establishes your wishes ahead of time. Pre-arranging spares your family these difficult decisions at such a difficult time. They will not have to search for insurance policies, veteran information, records, or addresses. You will also relieve their burden and potential family conflicts by eliminating any doubt about what your wishes were. It also relieves financial strain if you pre-pay your funeral, and eliminates the possibility of emotional over-spending.

With pre-planning and pre-funding, you can make all the important choices regarding your funeral now - and get the peace of mind of knowing your wishes will be carried out to the smallest detail.

Some people prefer to pre-arrange the funeral details by simply letting us record their vital information. This allows us to know your wishes, who to contact and your important dates and information so we can complete your arrangements and obituary quickly at the time of death.

Others wish to go further by pre-selecting the services and merchandise such as the casket, vault, clothing, urn, or other items.

Still others choose to complete the arrangements by pre-paying in advance. In many cases you can pay at today's current prices, assuring your family of no financial burden at the time of need.

If you would like to set up a meeting to begin funeral planning please call us or click to fill out a preplanning questionnaire here:

Also, please see all our informational resources under the Helpful Information section, including the page Funding Options.