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As a full-service funeral home, Collins provides a complete range of funeral services, and we are ready to respond around the clock, 365 days a year. From elaborate funeral ceremonies followed by burial or cremation to very simple services, we are able to assist you with all of the decisions necessary to plan a funeral. We can help guide you from our decades of experience making funeral arrangements. When you have made your selections, we will manage coordination with cemetery, clergy, florists, and monument providers. We can even handle insurance assignments and some legal filings to lighten the burden of the funeral arrangement process.

Graveside Funeral Service

Informed people make better decisions; so we conduct our funeral arrangements with a candid discussion about funeral costs, financial ability and the meaning and value surrounding your choices. We have intimate knowledge of many traditions and will be happy to guide you through selecting the right funeral services for your family. We also strive to be problem solvers who create options. There may be a solution that worked well for another family that we can share with you. More options allow you to select the choices that are best for your unique needs.