Collins Funeral Home Norwalk CT

Travelling In A Funeral Procession

1. Turn your hazard lights on while in the procession

2. Keep a close but safe distance to the car in front, allowing for adequate braking distance

3. Drive defensively, while courtesy is generally proffered to funeral processions, many drivers are distracted

The advice above will help other road users to identify your vehicle as part of the cortège and may help to keep the cortège together.

Our funeral directors will work to keep the cortège together at all times and to help this we can provide funeral procession markers for the vehicles following the procession to alert passing motorists that they are part of the funeral procession. If you are using satellite navigation (GPS) when travelling in a funeral cortège, please note that the route chosen may not be exactly the same as the one chosen by the satellite navigation system. Before leaving in the procession it is helpful if you go to your car and wait for the cortège to assemble. It may take a few moments for the family to say last goodbyes and for the funeral directors to get everything ready.

Showing respect to a funeral cortège

Historically, drivers have shown funeral cortèges respect by pulling over to let it pass and driving at a slower speeds. This is now less commonplace as the pace and pressures of life have increased. Do not count on other drivers being courteous, but you can do your part when you encounter a funeral procession.

If you see a funeral procession we recommend the following advice:

• Slow down

• Keep your distance

• Don’t cut into the funeral procession

• Don’t use your horn

• Give the cortège right of way

• Turn down music

The respect and courtesy you show the funeral procession will be greatly appreciated.