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Types of Funeral Services

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Whether you choose burial or cremation, we offer a selection of services to provide opportunities for family and friends to say good-bye in meaningful and comforting ways. You may have heard that choosing cremation means you can’t have a funeral service, but this is not true. You always have the ability to add thoughtful, personal touches and memorial tributes to honor and remember the person who has died. Some broad descriptions of services follow:

Traditional Gathering & Service

Family and friends are invited to gather over a period of one or two days, visiting and supporting each other in their grief, and expressing their concern and love. There is a funeral service in our chapel, or at a location of your choice, which may include a eulogy, especially chosen music, various personalization options, a procession, and graveside committal service.  Interment or cremation takes place after the service.

Memorial Gathering & Service

The period of gathering is followed by a memorial service in our chapel or another location. The service may include any or all of the elements of a traditional service. The cremation or burial takes place prior to the gathering and service.

Graveside Service

This is a brief gathering held at the graveside or crematorium that gives the family and close friends an opportunity to say goodbye.  Often it is an intimate gathering of just the immediate family and sometimes a member of the clergy is invited to say a few words.

Transfer Service/Direct Disposition

We provide the basic services, including transportation, sheltering the body, and filing of vital statistics that allow the burial or cremation to take place. There is no formal gathering or memorial service.

Of course, you may choose among many other types of tributes and services, selecting the elements that are most appropriate for you. We are always available to help you plan a dignified, meaningful service that commemorates the life that has been lived. Please contact us to find out more about the many options available.