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Urns are a lasting memorial for a loved one who was cremated.  They can be made from many materials such as bronze, pewter, marble, brass, crystal, hand blown glass, cloisonné and many species of hardwoods.  They are available in many designs including such items as clocks or statues.  Urns can be kept at home, buried or placed in a niche at the cemetery.  They can be personalized with photographs and engraved.  Specialty urns made of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials are available for scattering at sea or burial.

Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are for those who wish to keep a small portion of their loved one’s ashes, or for sharing the cremated remains among family members and friends as a personal memorial. They are made from the same materials as full size urns.

Keepsake Jewelry

Keepsake jewelry, which include bracelets and necklaces with an assortment of unique designs including heats and religious symbols are a special way to carry on your loved ones memory. They are available in première materials such as silver and 14k gold and can be used to keep a small portion of the cremated ashes, or even a lock of hair.

At Collins, we have many examples of urns at our facility, with hundreds more that we can order from our catalogs.  We will also gladly transfer ashes into any appropriate container you bring as a courtesy to our customers.