Collins Funeral Home Norwalk CT

Veteran's Honors

At Collins, our services include filing the paperwork and requesting veteran's honors for our customers.  We do not charge anything additional for these services.  We will work with the Veteran's Administration to obtain for our honorably discharged veterans these honors at no cost to the family:

  • A Veterans Flag Folding Ceremony
  • A Bugler
  • A Rifle Squadron

Additionally, and again at no charge, we will obtain:

  • The Veterans Flag
  • A Veterans Footstone
  • A Presidentian Memorial Certificate

Any or all of the above honors may be selected. In order to request these honors, we need for you to provide us with a copy of the veteran's discharge papers. Usually, the discharge is on a form labeled "DD-214". We can work with any legible fax or photocopy of the document. Other forms and certificates of service may suffice and we are happy to answer any questions about them.  Also, if the discharge cannot be found, we may be of help in locating a record of it or you can request a copy here: Request For Military Records (Standard Form 180).

Veteran Flag Request Form
Veteran Footstone Request Form
Veteran Presidential Certificate Request Form

Please also visit the page: Veteran's Benefits. To read about financial contributions to the cost of veteran's funeral services.