Collins Funeral Home Norwalk CT

What A Funeral Costs

Every funeral is custom designed for each individual family, so providing an amount as to how much a funeral cost can be difficult without knowing what you would like to do. However, we have prepared packages to help families get a better feel for determining the option that best suits their financial and emotional considerations. Of course there are many options available outside of the packages, so please ask us if there is something you are looking for and don't see.

There are 3 types of costs relating to funerals:

  • Funeral Home Services
  • Merchandise
  • Outside Expense

In the most general terms, the cost of the funeral home's services for a full funeral are somewhere between about $3,000 to $7,000 dollars depending on the services you choose.

Our caskets prices start at $980 and go up with literally hundreds of choices available. Burial vaults (if required), start at $1,200. Urn selections start at $25 and a basic urn is included in the cost of the cremation.

Outside expenses vary perhaps the most widely of the three categories. Dedicated veterans cemeteries often cover all the costs of burial and more (including basic burial vaults, grave property, digging, monuments and sometimes transportation). If however you are buying burial plots, paying for the grave opening, perpetual care of the grave, engraving monuments, placing obituaries, buying flowers, requesting clergy, musicians, etc., it is not uncommon to have $6,000 or more in outside expenses. We will gladly provide you with our copy of our complete General Price List upon request. We will also obtain for you the costs of any outside expenses you are considering.

In all cases we will provide an itemized write-up of all costs beforehand and are ready to work with you to help choose the goods and services that are appropriate for you.

Note: We do not charge any overhead commission on any outside expenses. We collect and distribute outside expenses as a service to our families. If you prefer to pay for any of the outside services directly, you are welcome to do so.