Service:Thursday, May 4, at 11:00 am at Temple Shalom, 259 Richards Avenue, Norwalk.Contributions:Contributions in his memory can be made to the Sarcoma Foundation of American ( will be observed, hours to be announced at service.

David Scot Dusenbury

David Scot Dusenbury, beloved husband of Karen Dusenbury, passed away May 1 in Bridgeport Hospital after a short but heroic battle with cancer. He was 50 years old.

Born in Bronxville, NY, the son of Joseph and Elaine Dusenbury, David was raised in Eastchester, NY and graduated from Eastchester High School. He went on to obtain a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

David was a devoted and respected professional in the finance industry, where he built a career over nearly three decades. He earned his MBA at night while working as a junior analyst at Solomon Brothers, and later as an MBA trainee at Credit Suisse First Boston. After completing his MBA, David was promoted to a Senior Analyst role at Credit Suisse, where he published extensively on financial institutions, earning him recognition by Institutional Investor Magazine as a top analyst three years in a row. He later found real passion in the business when he joined the buy side, first as an Analyst for a start-up hedge fund, and later as a Portfolio Manager at Dalton Greiner Hartman Maher. During his career on the buy side, Dave became well regarded as a stock picker. Concerned about social responsibility and aspiring to make a positive impact on society, David left DGHM to join Cornerstone Capital, where he assumed responsibility for strategy and business development as Managing Director alongside the company’s founder and long-time friend, Erika Karp. Together they were devising ambitious plans for making a better world. To his partners, associates, and clients, David will be missed, but the many contributions from his life and professional career will long be remembered.

David had a heart of gold, and was an incredibly generous and compassionate man. He was hardworking, funny, introspective, loving and humble. In addition to his career on Wall Street, David was deeply committed to the practice of yoga and meditation, and became certified as an instructor of both several years ago. He was constantly working to better himself, almost always in service of his relationships with family, friends, and the community at large.

David was a loving and devoted husband, father, son and son-in-law. He was giving beyond description. He adored and admired his two sons, Gregory and Justin, and made sure every day to tell them as much. In addition to his wife and sons, David is survived by parents, Joseph and Elaine Dusenbury of Boynton Beach, FL; sister Lisa Weinert of Marietta, GA; and parents in law, Albert and Helene Schiller, also of Boynton Beach.

A funeral service will be held for David this Thursday, May 4, at 11:00 am at Temple Shalom, 259 Richards Avenue, Norwalk.

Shiva will be observed, hours to be announced at service. Contributions in his memory can be made to the Sarcoma Foundation of American (

  1. I started my career with David at Solomon Brothers and he was a client of mine for years. He stood out for his intelligence, professionalism, and most of all his warmth and kindness. He will be sorely missed.

    May 3, 2017
    Jay Cohen -
  • I met Dave at UMass and we remained close friends. We communicated regularly but when we saw each other it was as if no time had passed and we picked up right where we left off, usually with really bad and silly jokes. When you had a conversation with Dave he listened but also had many clarifying questions and always gave you his undivided attention – unless there was food nearby.

    He was my brother and I will miss him.

    May 3, 2017
    Joe Harrington -
  • I only saw David 3 or 4 times a year – usually on the Metro North train to Westport or at one of our idea dinners – but I always looked forward to seeing him and his ever-present smile. Thanks to his intellect and generous spirit I would always leave our interactions much smarter and, more importantly, somehow also feeling better about myself. I think that was one of his many gifts – his positive impact on others. Each time we spoke I was struck by how much he knew, how willing he was to share his insights and – very rare in our industry – his total lack of ego. He was both calming and energizing, intense but laid back. A true gentleman and professional. I will miss him.

    May 3, 2017
    David Sochol -
  • Dave was a very nice man who cared deeply for his wife and children. I remember many times he would stop by my office and tell stories about things going on in their lives and how proud he was of his children’s accomplishments. Often I could overhear him talking to his kids on the phone, always happy to hear from them and listening, no matter how busy he was. Despite a gentle personality that allowed him to make friends easily, Dave was very firm on matters that were important to him and would stand up for his beliefs. I’m sad and shocked that he was taken away from us at such a young age. My prayers are with his family.

    May 3, 2017
    Randy -
  • Dave was a very good friend. He was very kind to me on many occasions. He was a good listener, and an avid learner – always curious about all sorts of things. He was indeed a humble man. And he was always talking about his boys, what they were up to, and making plans to do stuff with them. I admired how much he cared about his family. He was always ready with a kind word, a funny joke, or movie quote. He took pride in his work, and he was very good at it. Dave was an honorable man. It’s fitting that his last text to me, even though he was fighting cancer, was “How you doin’?”.

    May 4, 2017
    Mike -
  • Dave was a fraternity brother of mine UMass (Delta Chi). Actually his room was right next to mine in the house on Sunset Hill St. I considered Dave a friend. There wasn’t a day that passed that he didn’t have a joke and a smile. He was always a positive influence on the people he met and the people he lived with at UMass. Unfortunately our paths did not cross after college. I wish his family my deepest heart felt condolences during this difficult time. I will keep you in my prayers.

    May 5, 2017
    Fran Dietrich -
  • Dave, or “The Duse” as we called him, was always quick with a smile and took sincere, even enthusiastic interest in others. He was curious and analytical, but compassionate and self-deprecating. Dave was a seeker. You could feel him probing, looking, searching for some insight. It’s reflected in his Yoga, his career change and, as I learned at the Service, his dedication to his Temple and community. More than anything, Dave and we talked about family and our shared experiences as father’s. His love of his family is self-evident. It gave me strength to see Dave’s image and spirit so strongly radiated by Gregory and Justin.

    We met on a bus to college orientation. We talked and laughed the whole ride up to UMASS and were roommates, first in the dorms where we shared one identity as “Dave and Dave of 344 Cance” and then, while I was abroad, he thoughtfully arranged a house just off campus senior year. We had innumerable experiences on-campus, roadtrips, back in Westchester and in NYC, for which I am eternally gratefully. A companionship I will never forget or replace.

    Last June my father passed. On short notice, during a heatwave on July 4th week, Dave came down to support me, and pay his respects to my father, who he had met on many occasions (and also knew Dave as “The Duse”). Somewhere during my words at the service, I looked up and saw Dave and our mutual friend Eugene in the back. Dave flashed his characteristic smile “I am here”. It gave me strength.

    Thanks Dave. I wish you and your family peace.

    May 7, 2017
    Dave Duggal -
  • Our condolences to Dave’s family. Our prayers are with you. We are so terribly saddened by this news. The world lost an extraordinary man who always treated people the way we all hope to be treated, with kindness and goodwill. I worked with him at Salomon Brothers for many years and watched his career trajectory after he left Salomon with great admiration. Truly one of the best human beings I ever had the pleasure to work with and call a friend.

    May 8, 2017
    Bruce Harting -
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