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Dorothea Weyer

May 22, 1928 - February 10, 2012

Dorothea Weyer, 83, widow of Heinz Weyer, of 81 Toilsome Avenue in Norwalk passed away on Friday, February 10, 2012.  Born in the town of Allenstein in East Prussia, Germany in 1928, she was the fifth of seven siblings, having five sisters and one brother.  Her father died at a young age, leaving her mother to raise the seven children on her own.  During World War II, for safety, she was sent to a boarding school set up at the Rothschild castle in Austria.

She returned home as Russian troops were approaching her hometown.  Together with her mother and siblings, they took what belongings they could carry and went on a desperate flight west before the advancing Russian troops, finding shelter in an American refugee camp.  After the war, she moved to Potsdam near Berlin, where she became a school teacher.  Accompanying her brother to a dance, she met her future husband Heinz, who had been a German prisoner of war in Russia and had been repatriated to Germany in 1948, three years after the war ended.  They married in 1951 and emigrated to the United States, where they arrived with less than a dollar in 1953.  They settled in the Bay Area in Northern California.

Working in a grocery store and a transformer factory while her husband started out selling Bibles door-to-door, together they began to pursue the American Dream.  Her husband soon landed a job as a naval architect, and they started a family.  She became a full-time mother for her three children, providing a secure home environment as the family moved around the world accompanying her husband to his work assignments.  They moved to Norwalk in 1979.

After having been a housewife for twenty-five years, she went to secretarial school, and soon found a job at the New Canaan library, where she worked for over twenty years.  During the following years, she and her husband lead an active life, visiting many places throughout the world.  Her husband’s health began deteriorating after suffering a stroke in 2009.  Although he was confined to a nursing facility in early 2010, she was able to bring him home.  Under her care, he was able to recover sufficiently to spend the rest of his life at home, where he died peacefully in March 2011.  She missed him very much.  She was vital and energetic her whole life, and was often seen working in her yard, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, gathering branches.

She is survived by her daughter Christiane and husband John of Berkeley Heights, N.J., her son Frank of Hollywood, CA, her son Mark and wife Lori of Mt. Royal, NJ., and by five strapping grandsons, of whom she was very proud.


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