A memorial mass will be celebrated at St. Thomas Aquinas Church,1719 Post Road, Fairfield, CT, on January 12th at 10:00 am.


Donations in his name to The Malala Fund, PO Box 11839, Newark, NJ 07101-8138 (Mail Code 11144) in lieu of flowers will be appreciated.


Richard Scott DiPasquale

August 31, 1959 - December 30, 2016

Richard Scott DiPasquale, born August 31, 1959, husband of Susan Mulhair DiPasquale, son of Enrico DiPasquale and Claire Cardelle Skidd, passed away peacefully on December 30th.

Richard is survived by his wife, parents, step-father, George Skidd, sister, Judith DiPasquale and her husband Tom Tuttle; step-sisters Laurie Cross and her husband Michael Cross, Melissa Montanero and her husband John Montanero, niece Sarah Grace DiPasquale, and nine nieces and nephews.

Richard was retired from Darien High School for medical reasons where he was a most beloved teacher for many years.  Richard received his bachelor degree from Central Connecticut State University and his masters degree at Yale University.  He also attended Cornell University’s Falcon Program and studied in Taiwan and China as well.

A memorial mass will be celebrated at St. Thomas Aquinas Church,1719 Post Road, Fairfield, CT, on January 12th at 10:00 am.

Donations in his name to The Malala Fund, PO Box 11839, Newark, NJ 07101-8138 (Mail Code 11144) in lieu of flowers will be appreciated.


  1. We are all shocked and saddened by Rick’s passing. I worked with Rick since 2000 and considered him a good friend and colleague. The most enigmatic of people, Rick looked like he was part of the Hell’s Angel’s but could recite prayers from the Koran, read Chinese, envelop a class with the history of the Greeks, rib Jets fans and know the best restaurant in town. He started the Chinese language program at DHS and initiated a World Religion class as well.
    Ten years ago, following his bout with cancer Rick and I would often talk of our bike rides, it was horrible to watch Rick’s physical condition deteriorate to the point where he couldn’t work anymore. It was even sadder for those students who didn’t get to have Rick as a teacher. Please accept the condolences of the Balazs family. It’s comforting to know that Rick will alway be in our hearts.

    January 1, 2017
    Steve Balazs -
  • I am Rick’s Step-Brother since 1980, but have known him since I was 10 years. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing.

    He was always incredibly smart and adventurous. I remember when his studies took him to China and Taiwan and still have the Jade Elephant and Buddha Statue he brought me back from China.

    We would have interesting conversations about music, politics, and history. What a loss at such a young age.

    Hopefully he is at peace now.

    January 1, 2017
    Joseph Azary -
  • We are saddened by Richard’s passing. He was an extremely smart man – always interesting to converse with. He is leaving us much too soon. May his soul find ever lasting peace.

    January 1, 2017
    Fred Wirth -
  • Rest in peace Richard. Our family is saddened to hear of your passing.

    January 1, 2017
    Geraldine Wirth -
  • Our condolences to the family. Richard was my husband’s stepbrother since 1980. I remember fondly stories of his adventures abroad. He was an interesting and intelligent person with many accomplishments that we we looked up to & he should have been very proud of. We have fond memories of family dinners, holidays, and celebrations (including our wedding) with him when we were all younger. The news of his passing is heartbreaking as I will always remember him with a smile on his face & so full of life. May his loved ones find comfort knowing that he will be in eternal peace in the arms of the Lord. Rest In Peace, Richard. Love, Jen

    January 1, 2017
    Jennifer Azary -
  • Rich & Dave happier times . What fun we had together it seemed like yesterday we were in college and now Rich your in heaven. While we cry the angels smile for my brother your pain has left and you can smile again. You have been thru a lot . I hope there are harps playing as you ascend for there always was laughter and great music in your presence.
    So many adventures over the years which ended like this picture laughter and joy shared among friends . From Norwalk to China now Heaven We will meet again and laughter will fill the air . Til then you left us memories you will not be forgotten . Music is the quiet between the noise which together create tunes. Now is the quiet you have left but combined with memories created the life that touched us all . We are better for knowing you and We will laugh together again. rest in peace.
    From Bill Schiebe.

    January 1, 2017
    Judy D -
  • Richard was my step-brother, and although i hadn’t seen him since i moved to California in 1998, i’ve thought of him many times, recalling what a smart and fun guy to be around. Him and i shared many similar philosophies about life, and got along very well. I was saddened to hear of his departure from this earthly realm at such a young age. He made a big impact on all who were lucky enough to know him, and wish the best for his eternal spirit.

    January 2, 2017
    Dennis Azary -
  • Susan and the DiPasquale Family: our sincerest condolences to you on the loss of a wonderful person. Remember all the good memories that you have with Rick. He is at peace now and may the Lord hold you and the family close to Him as you go through this very difficult loss. Our love and prayers are with you at this time.

    January 4, 2017
    Uncle Ray and Aunt Pat -
  • I was incredibly saddened to learn of my friend Ricks passing. I was the nurse at DHS for many years and was there when Rick was first struggling with his cancer. The fight was near to me as I lost my husband during that time to that dreaded disease. Rick and I spoke often and he was so strong. I was so happy when he recovered . I saw him only once or twice after I left DHS, but I always had a big hug for him and loved his travel stories. He was a phenomenal teacher and a wonderful friend …rest well…so wish I could be at the service for you…I’ll try!

    January 6, 2017
    Julie Prescott RN -
  • Very sadden to hear the loss of Mr. DiPasquale. He was my favorite and most memorable teacher I had during my time at DHS. His lessons transcended simple education on a certain subject, but rather stayed with me to this day. In the materialistic bubble that is Darien, he was able to ask questions that made me think in ways I had never thought before, and put my life into a much grander perspective. His mastery of the subjects he taught, combined with his good natured humor and charm made his one of the best and beloved teachers DHS ever had. Rest in peace Mr. D.

    January 18, 2017
    Russell P -
  • I graduated from DHS in 2013, and to this day, I appreciate Mr. D’s perspective on what’s important when it comes to teaching students how to enter adulthood as thoughtful, responsible citizens and being supportive of their journeys. I think he even kept a drawing I made of Lord Ganesha for an assignment when I learned about Hinduism for the first time. I thank him for being a wonderful educator and offer my condolences to his family and loved ones who grieve his loss. It’s sad I never got the chance to talk with him since graduating, but I did find this letter I wrote years ago; can’t recall if I ever actually sent it, so I’d like to share it in his memory:

    Dear Mr. DiPasquale,
    It’s been a semester since I was in your Comparative World Religions class and I can tell already that I will never forget it. I came in with so many questions, and your teachings answered a lot of them but more importantly, I think, they made me question even more. The care you put into making us more aware of other cultures’ perspectives and of our own perspectives on spirituality has cultivated my desire to learn more. That is probably the best thing I could ask for. My mom has always encouraged me to not just take my formal education seriously but to go forth independently as a life-long learner, so I have to thank you for guiding me along that path.
    Best wishes in life,
    Elizabeth (Liz) Nelson

    January 18, 2017
    Liz Nelson -
  • Hi Liz, I am Mr. D’s wife Susan and yes we have your drawing of Lord Ganesha hanging in our bedroom. . He was so excited to show it to me and I was very impressed of your beautiful art work, It meant a lot to him. Then immediately he hung it on the wall. I will treasure that forever. Thank you for your kind words of Mr. D. He was an incredible person, he cared very much for his students. Mr. will be sadly missed but he is mine and Sami’s (puppy) Angel that will watch over us every day.

    January 18, 2017
    Susan DiPasquale -
  • I was deeply saddened to learn of Mr. D’s passing. He was an incredible educator and person, and he was one of my most formative teachers. I had the great privilege of having him for freshman and sophomore history as well as the first Mandarin class taught at DHS. He inspired in me a deep love of history, social sciences, and language that I carry with me today; his tutelage certainly shaped the direction of my academic life and future career. My heart goes out to his loved ones; he truly made the world a better place.

    Rest in Peace — 安息

    January 18, 2017
    Michael Baresich -
  • Rick was a dear friend, whose passing has struck me deeply. In 1996 Rick and I were hired the same summer at Darien High School. As I got to know Rick, I realized how smart and how sensitive he was. He always emphasized with me the importance of his family, his Italian heritage and his passion for Asian culture. As history teachers, we loved to see life through the past, as well as through cultural meaning. I learned a lot from Rick about China, but he was also interested in learning from me and my Japanese wife about Japanese and Korean culture. Rick was really a good listener. I also appreciated deeply how much Rick valued his spiritual life. We prayed meaningfully together always before our meals whether at my home or his. Rick’s approach to religion was eclectic and Catholic at the same time; he had a wonderfully rich and open mind on many issues. We could stubbornly disagree about a few things, but I always knew that beneath a sometimes prickly argument at work, he cared deeply about me and others. His students were affected in the best ways a teacher can impact them. I had a vivid dream of him last night in which I gave him a gold ring and he responded with gifts of his own. He was a very generous soul. I miss him.

    January 19, 2017
    Bruce Clarke -
  • Mr. D was my first “laoshi” and without his introduction of the Mandarin language department to DHS, I most likely would not be where I am right now academically and personally. Taking Mandarin 1 inspired me to join the China Exchange program, volunteer with China Care, study abroad in Beijing at Dartmouth and graduate with a major in East Asian studies. Furthermore, upon my reflections of high school, I have realized that global history classes in the U.S., particularly, are inherently geared towards studying western civilization and U.S. history, while lumping the histories of Africa, Asia, South America and eastern Europe together. Mr. D was, by far, a pro at combining all of those regions and centuries into a dynamic survey in which he read the I Ching, showed us Dr. Strangelove and impersonated anyone and everyone. By bringing his personal experiences and fascinating views, he gave our high school community a much-needed perspective and opportunity to study different cultures. He gave me the ability to think outside of my white, privileged bubble and the courage to take those trips across the world. DHS and I cannot thank you enough. We will miss you dearly.

    January 24, 2017
    Perrin Brown -
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